Big Puddles and Wet Walks

Last night before I went to bed I caught up with the latest sensation to break the internet - #drummondpuddlewatch

Few can deny that it has been a wet and warm winter so far. Sidestepping puddles has become a norm for most UK residents. I have a dog and like all responsible dog owners we walk her daily. Come rain or shine. Only this winter it's been more rain than shine... I don't mind a drop or two of rain, I can cope but even I reaching the end of my tether with the never ending dreary wet weather. When will it end. (next week apparently but that's another story).

The lowlight of my wet dog walking winter came on New Years Eve. I took the hound for an urban walk as it was dark and it had been raining already so would be muddy. We stuck to the village streets. It wasn't really raining when I left, slight drizzle perhaps but within minutes I was in the middle of a torrential downpour like no other. I took refuge in the doorway of a church (not that it did much good), I could see sheets of rain drifting across the road. Puddles to rival and superseed the drummond central puddle were forming in seconds and I couldn't even see them because it was dark. I was not happy. I was soaked to the bone and i'd stepped into so many drummondesque puddles that my shoes were squelching. Not a nice end to the year.

People of Newcastle, hopping over large puddles to get to work. I feel your pain. It was fun to watch the #drummondpuddlewatch take form and go viral. A hilarious and very British illustration of an everyday problem that most of the UK is contending with at the moment. However us puddle jumpers are the lucky ones. Unlike much of the North of the UK that has been completely submerged for most of the winter of an unprecedented scale. At least we only have wet feet and not wet homes or wet belongings. We need to count our blessings.

So this insane amount of rain we have been experiencing it due to climate change as many may argue; or is it due to something else? The El Nino phenomenon is widely accepted to influence the weather especially draughts and flooding and we are in the throws of this at the moment, perhaps this is the cause of this prolonged wet weather. Whatever the weather us Brits love to discuss and debate it. I had a chuckle last night when Natalie Bennett leader of the Green Party was asked what she thought of #drummondpuddlewatch and whether she thought it was down to global warming. Her reply; 'No:most likely poor road maintenance. We should be spending money on that rather than on new roads 

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