Following on from my last blog, as predicted the weather has improved somewhat. As I write this we have just had a beautiful summer weekend. However despite the improvement in the weather - the olympic torch relay took place in the height of the misrable summer rain and floods. During last months obismal weather when the Olympic torch finally found its way passed the Chichester Festival Theatre and up to Sainsburys in pouring rain, the crowds of Chichester were out in force regardless to celebrate and also to speculate about whether London, and Britain could pull an Olympic Games of this magnitude. 

I went to watch the torch parade, it was raining, Coca Cola and Samsung were there throwing their freebees around and a torch with a flame was carried past. There was cheering and I found myself; a bit of an Olympics sceptic getting excited about what was about to come! I wondered if the torch relay was a signal for what to expect at the games. I hoped not - branding was everywhere, it felt a bit tacky. I hoped 7 years of planning would not emulate this feeling.

When the opening ceremony arrived, watching it on a large screen outside in a large crowd the atmosphere was fantastic. The ceremony was classy, it was British, it was inclusive and it was funny! We stood up and sung the national anthem and didn't feel silly! Then came the Gold rush and Super Saturday. Olympic fever took over and slowy and surely the mood in Britain, the mood in the media and the mood in Chichester lifted. Economic woes put aside Britain has become a country united in celebrating these Olympic games, celebrating the men and women who have competed, and celebrating a really successful sporting event. Around the country, men and women can be found 'doing the Mo' or doing the 'Bolt arms salute' in a celebration of our Olympic heroes.

With the closing of the Olympics, I question what next for Britain. After being on a such a high for the last 2 and a half weeks will the mood of Britain plummet, will the recent positivity waiver, will Britain fall back into the deep dark depression of this double dip recession? I imagine after such an exciting couple of weeks yes we will come back down to earth with a bit of a bang and the reality of Britain's economic situation may again come to the forfront of life in Britain. However surely it's not all doom and gloom? Perhaps we can take some solice in that we live in a pretty cool Country? We live in a country that like the rest of the world may be struggling a little bit financially, however, Britain has much to be proud of and excited about. The passed 2 weeks have demonstrated that Britain can pull together, that positivity can be infectious and that actually, we are pretty good at sport! We have put on a fantastic olympic games for the world to enjoy, we have James Bond and we have Mr Bean; whats not to feel happy about?

i hope that the olympics can leave a positive legacy for Great Britain and the rest of the world. That people of all ages can continue to be inspired by Olympians. I know I am inspired - I have a new found love for all things sport and am making much more of an effort to get fit and try new sports. It may be too late for me to become an olympian but at least I can have a lot of fun emulating my heroes!

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