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When it is wet and generally horrible outside (as we are accustomed to in England) it means we spend a lot more time indoors. This means that you need to also keep yourself in a nice environment. Unfortunately sitting back with a warm coco isn’t going to un-clutter, organise and dust the room you are in. The clutter is a collecting spot for dust so you have to keep it clear to keep the dust under control. Did you know dust can affect your mood? It reduces the air quality and can adversely affect your health.

Help this by organising your office into a state where it is uncluttered and easy to get around. Especially cloak rooms and the like.



With everyone spending more time indoors, they will also eat indoors and probably at their desk. So keeping the carpets clean is going to be an ongoing job. Of course this is not to mention everybody's muddy shoes.

So how do we prepare for this rug warfare?

Get mats. Put them at all entrances to your building. They are the front line trap for grime. Bearing this in mind, keep them clean! They will not work if they are full of grime already. It is essential to keep them maintained as the more grime that gets to your carpets, the more they will degrade and lower their life expectancy...

Hoover more! This may be obvious but let me tell you why it is essential. With the increase in grime on your carpet, you need to pick that up with a vacuum cleaner rather than letting it settle in... Once it settles in it is a nice store for dust and allergens. This actually decreases the air quality in that room, leading to staff possibly taking sick days that could be avoided—just by a bit of hoovering!

Finally, there is no harm in admitting you need professional help—with your carpets. If you havn’t considered getting a contractor in to clean your carpets there are many reasons for doing so . With their specialist equipment they will give your carpets a much more thorough clean, getting deeper than your office Henry ever could.  It will also be done a lot quicker as they know what they are doing. Their methods are tried and tested, being a professional service, so you wont have to spend time perfecting your clean! They will also leave your carpets much brighter, looking fresh and new. It can also improve air quality.



There is a lot of abuse your lovely shiny floor will have to endure during the Spring. When it rains there is lots of mud, when it snows there is wet grit, and when it’s windy there are leaves everywhere. Then there are the good old black heel marks of courses, but they aren’t just reserved for the sping.

Front door mats, again they need maintaining so they are taking all the gunk off peoples feet that they possibly can. This is going to make the rest of the jobs easier. There are many environmentally friendly options for floor cleaning, but beware many floor cleaners will use harsh chemicals. The best way to protect floors is to get them nice and clean (the use of a specialist machine may be beneficial here to really get up the ground in dirt that will not just mop up) and then protect them for the rest of the winter with some polish. Again there is another specialist machine that will buff the floors to a lovely shine, but you don’t necessarily need these machines to just get protection down, basically if you have no access to these machines or cannot afford a contractor with them then just mopping with polish remover and using a mop-on polish will give you some protection at least.

The same story with this is, though, that no matter how good you can get it someone else can do it better. It may be worth asking your cleaning company to get in the specialist equipment.



In Spring windows get a raw deal. They may get left and neglected because they collect grime easily and there is not as much actual sun gleaming through them as in the Summer. It is actually economically sensible to clean windows as it lets in sunlight and thus heat during the day, meaning your heating bill won’t be stretched quite as much. They also degrade more quickly over time when they are covered in grime, so you can increase their lifespan by keeping them clean.




If you are lucky enough to be at work with a nice open fire, remember to be vigilant with any used fireplace as the carpet won’t like having ash on it. It can be nasty to clean out. If you do spill some, remember not to rub it in. Hoover up what you can being careful not to rub in any more than needs be. What is left dab up with a damp cloth. Beware though as too damp and the ash will clump.



In the spring it can be very hard to dry clothes especially in the damp cold conditions that bless our fine country. In some buildings cleaning clothes can take days, and after that you are left with that odd smell clothes get when they dry out too slowly... Just turn the heating up I hear you say! But that isn’t the most economic option now is it... So the best way is to lay it out well on, for example, the clothes horse, so there is maximum air getting around the clothes. This might make enough of a difference in the first place, but sometimes is not possible due to volume of clothes. A good option is to leave a low voltage fan to move the air around the clothes. This has been reported to work as well as leaving a de-humidifier underneath the clothes horse, which is another valid idea—but bear in mind de-humidifiers can use more wattage.



Wow, that's a lot of cleaning! I think you may need some help with that actually. Considered getting professionals in? We at Green Clean are ready and waiting! We offer a great and  well managed service that will free you up in these times of tough cleaning. Even if you already have cleaners please get in touch for a quote, we will try our best to beat your best quote.  And if you hire us there is something else you can advertise for your company—being environmentally friendly  is increasingly important and people want to SEE what you are doing to help the environment. By using a ‘green’ cleaning company like ourselves it shows you care.

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