Here at Green Clean we are very conscious about the environment and what we can do to help. A great place to get ideas and facts about new, exciting projects that are going on and especially when it comes to environmental issues, TED (whos motto is 'Ideas worth spreading') seminars are a great place to start, some of the greatest minds talk about world issues and about what we can do about them. Luckily they film all of them and put them on Youtube for us to watch.


1. Johan Rockstrom: Let the environment guide our development

Johan gives a great talk here firstly into how much strain the planet is already under (which he demostrates by sitting on a beach ball!) and the importance of trying to make a difference. He then talks about what we can do to predict thresholds and what science can do before we ruin the Earth for good!


2: Catherine Mohr builds green

A short 6-minute talk about what Catherine Mohr went through building an eco-friendly house... And about how to cut through the abundance of exaggerated hype to get solid information you can count on, she bases it on real energy readings.


3: Stewart Brand proclaims 4 environmental heresies

Stewart Brand has been there since the beginning campaigning for the environment. He has compiled some excellent information for his talk here - he talks about things in a very general and global scale, everything from the most ecologically sustaining way to bring a 3rd world villiage into the new world to the wider spanning effects of environmental disasters.


4: Pavan Sukhdev What's the price of nature

Pavan Sukhev gives a banker's view on the world: What would it be like if everything in nature, that we take for granted as being able to use for free, was assigned monetary value? What would that be and how would it change the way we act on this Earth of ours?


5: Leyla Acaroglu paper beats plastic: How to rethink environmental folklore

Here Leyla wants to de-bunk some myths about going green. Most of us want to do better, but if we follow bad advice we could end up doing more harm than good....




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