Green Clean have had an exciting few weeks. 

We have launched our new website - now we just need to get people to look at it! We are going to start working on weekly blog entries to entice you all in to the site. In our blogs we will disucss anything from our top green cleaning tips, the wonders of vinegar, special offers and schemes that we are running, to reasons why we love Chichester, our favourate places to eat in Chichester and so on. Our blog will not just be about Green Cleaning (although Green Cleaning will feature quite heavily). We also want to hear from you! What do you want to read about on our website and in our blogs. Please comment below to tell us what you want us to talk about!

The Importance of Holidays... and Kittens! 

This month Green Clean had a holiday and got a Kitten! Neither of these things are particularly related to cleaning but in their own way will affect the day to day running of the business. Having a holiday, one whole week off, 7 days and nights of work free time was great. Working from home and running my own business I find it increasingly difficult to switch off. Evenings and weekends are often taken up with Green Clean related errands, phone calls and emails! It is difficult to escape from day to day cleaning issues. I love running Green Clean and I love the day to days tasks and challenges that come with it - however, everyone needs a break and a chance to switch off from work! So on went the out of office, the internet was switched off on my mobile and answerphone on and off we went for 7days in Lithuania.

I was quite pleased to see a lot of 'Green' initiatives in Lithuania. There was lots of people growing their own food, recycling was common place and we came across lots of 'ecological' shops on the high street. It is good to see environmental practicies and lifestyles reaching to all sides of Europe. As in the UK it seems caring for the environment is becoming increasingly important to individuals and businesses. Furthermore a lot of Lithuanians seemed to be holidaying in Lithuania. This concept of the staycation is something that has been actively encouraged in the UK in recent years. With 2012 having brought the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the forthcoming olympics it is a great excuse to spend time in the UK...if only it would stop raining! 

Returning from holiday to 48 emails and 10 answerphone messages it was straight back into work mode. However, I returned with a renewed vigour for work. I felt relaxed and ready to work hard! I think taking a break is vital to maintaining a healthy work/life balance; whether it is abroad or a staycation just taking time to switch off and recharge those batteries is so important. I didn't realise I needed a holiday until I had one! I have come back motivated and happy and have been extremely productive since my return Lets hope it continues!

The Kitten:

After months of trying to persuade him, my fiancé has agreed (grudingly) to us getting a kitten! The kitten is called Norman, he is all black with a little white tuft under his neck. He is beautiful and sweet however he is a kitten and kitttens come with their own challenges! Sitting here today working from home, Norman has caused me endless trouble. He decided that my legs were a climbing frame and he has very sharp claws. He has spent his day taking running leaps in my direction, grabbing my legs and climbing up them until he settled on my lap. This would be fine if he stayed there, but within a few minutes he is bored and leaping off to cause havoc in another part of the house! He has an endless amount of energy, he wants attention all the time and likes to crawl behind things that he shouldn't! He current favourate place is clambering over my deftly set trap (of newspaper stuffed into the gap) into a space behind the washing machine! The only thing to tempt him out is his favourate toy the squeaking mouse! So as cute as he is, Norman is proving to be somewhat of a distraction! I am just hoping that as he gets older he will mellow out a bit and calm down! Watch this space!






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