Deep Cleaning


Healthcare, Offices, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Car Showrooms, Pubs, Factories, Retail Units.

  • A deep clean is an exceptionally intense cleaning process which will include a thorough clean and disinfection.  What is included in a deep clean will depend on the environment.  A carefully structured deep clean will ensure there is no cross-contamination between areas that have been cleaned and areas that have not.  Most commercial premises will have a regular clean however, the cleaning will not be as in depth as you would experience with a deep clean.  The frequency or requirement for a deep clean will vary depending on the level regular cleaning regime, type of environment and the purpose.
  • A decontamination clean is the neutralisation or removal of dangerous substances or germs from an area. Therefore, the focus of decontamination is to neutralise bacteria, substances and viruses which may be a health hazard. Methods for decontamination can include physical cleaning, water purification, ultrasonic cleaning, disinfection, antisepsis and sterilisation, the method used will depend on the type of contaminant.

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